Can A Transgender Participate In Miss Universe?

The Miss Universe pageant is known for showcasing beauty from around the world, but how inclusive is it really? As society moves toward greater acceptance and diversity, does this global event allow transgender women to compete? In this post, we will see the evolving rules of this renowned competition and what they reveal about its commitment to inclusivity.

Can A Transgender Participate In Miss Universe?

Yes, transgender women are allowed to participate in the Miss Universe pageant. This policy was officially changed in 2012, allowing transgender contestants to compete. The first transgender woman to compete in Miss Universe was Angela Ponce from Spain, who participated in the 2018 Miss Universe competition.

This inclusion marked a significant step towards greater diversity and acceptance within the pageant community, aligning with broader movements for inclusivity and equality in various social arenas.

Current Rules for Transgender Participation

The Miss Universe pageant has specific rules that allow transgender women to participate. These rules were revised and implemented starting in 2012. Here are the key aspects of the current policy regarding transgender participants:

  1. Eligibility for Participation: Transgender women are eligible to compete in the Miss Universe pageant, provided they meet all other requirements set for the contestants. This includes requirements related to age, marital status, and not having children, among others.

  2. Legal Recognition of Gender: Participants must be legally recognized as female in their country to compete. This means that their legal documents, such as passports and other identification, should reflect their gender as female.

  3. Surgery and Hormone Therapy: There are no specific rules mandating that transgender contestants undergo gender confirmation surgery or hormone therapy. The eligibility is based on their current gender identity and having the legal recognition of that identity.

  4. National Pageants: Transgender women must first compete in and win their national pageants to represent their country in the Miss Universe contest, just like any other contestant.

These inclusive rules have opened the door for transgender women from around the world to participate in one of the most high-profile beauty pageants, reflecting a shift towards embracing diversity and promoting equality within the global community.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has there been a transgender contestant in Miss Universe?

Yes. Miss Universe opened up to transgender participants in 2012. The first transgender contestant, √Āngela Maria Ponce Camacho, represented Spain in the pageant in 2018. However, no transgender individual has yet won Miss Universe.

2. What was the most controversial Miss Universe moment?

Perhaps the most significant controversy occurred when Steve Harvey, the host, accidentally crowned the wrong winner during the December 2015 pageant. This incident surpassed his other gaffes, such as asking a contestant to meow or joking about a cartel.

3. Has a transgender woman ever participated in Miss America?

Yes. Kataluna Enriquez, a transgender woman, made history when she competed in Miss USA. Pageantry has help Enriquez confront insecurities around her race and gender identity.

4. Who is the transgender woman who bought Miss Universe?

The Miss Universe organization was bought by Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip, a transgender woman and the current chief executive officer.

5. Is Miss Portugal a transgender woman?

Yes, the current Miss Universe Portugal, Machete, is a transgender woman. She has faced backlash and severe criticism through Portuguese media but is a fervent advocate for LGBTQ+ inclusivity and rights.


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