10 Celebrities Who Competed in Beauty Pageants

Winning a beauty pageant — national or international is both about personality and intelligence. A lot of Miss Universe and Miss World became a celebrity after winning the beauty pageant. You will be thrilled to know there are a lot of famous celebrities who competed in beauty pageants.

These stars didn’t just shine in Hollywood they also ruled in the world of beauty queens. They displayed their charm and kind personality on the stage. From Gal Gadot to Selena Gomez, they gracefully walked the runway and left a lasting impression. They won the hearts and attention of the judges and audience.

10 Famous Celebrities You Didn’t Know Competed In Beauty Pageants

10 Celebrities Competed In Beauty Pageants

We have compiled a rundown of 10 famous celebrities who were spotted in a beauty pageant. They definitely had a tough competition but managed to the top and impress the crowd. Let’s jump right into it!

1. Gal Gadot

To everyone, Gal Gadot is known as the famous & beloved Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot has won a national beauty pageant title of Miss Israel in 2004. The Israel-born actress then competed in Miss Universe. She revealed that after getting into Miss Universe Gal self-sabotage her chances of winning the crown.

She showed up late and wore the wrong gowns. Well, she didn’t even make it into the Top 10 in the Miss Universe pageant. Everything happens for a good reason. Gal Gadot always had a different kind of passion for acting. She also served in Israel Defense Forces [IDF] from 2005-2007. After her role in the beauty pageant, she worked as an elegant model.

Gal Gadot

Gal has been featured as a cover girl for multiple renowned magazines. She’s also known as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Gal has been a part of the Fast & Furious franchise where she performed her own stunts. Forbes ranked Gal Gadot as the third highest-paid actress in the world in 2020. Our lady has also been nominated for multiple accolades.

2. Eva Longoria

Famous actress Eva Longoria competed in beauty pageants and won the crown of Miss Corpus Christi USA in 1998. After winning her title as Miss Corpus Christi, Eva competed in Miss Texas USA. Eva is known for her appearance in Desperate Housewives. Eva is a multi-talented woman; she’s an actress, director, producer, and businesswoman.

The renowned personality has been nominated for multiple accolades. She also started the Eva Longoria Foundation and Eva’s Heroes to help people in need. Eva has also ranked on the list of Philanthropist of the Year. Her victory in the beauty pageant brought her into the spotlight. After that, her career in Hollywood took a turn and she became one of the best actresses.

Eva Longoria

3. Oprah Winfrey

Winfrey won not just one, but two titles — Miss Black Tennessee and Miss Black America — in 1972. She revealed that winning a beauty pageant led her to a radio station. This is where her career took off. Her career in beauty pageants did not last for a longer time because her first work opportunity at a radio station was a wonderful decision.

Now Oprah Winfrey is a phenomenal talk show host, author, producer, and media proprietor. She has her own show called ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’. Our beloved personality is also known as the ‘Queen of All Media’. You will more surprised to know that Oprah is one of the richest African Americans of the 20th century.

At one time, she was the only black billionaire. Oprah is often ranked as the ‘most influential woman in the world.’ She had a really challenging childhood but Oprah believed in herself. Now we all are here to witness her successful life.

Oprah Winfrey

4. Halle Berry

Halle Berry competed in the recognized national beauty pageant ⁠Miss USA in 1986. She represented Ohio and was close to winning the title but ended up being the first runner-up. The now Academy Award has taken the spotlight. Halle won the title of Miss Teen All-American in 1985 and Miss Ohio USA in 1986.

She also competed in Miss World in 1986 and ranked in the 6th spot. In the Miss World beauty pageant, she was the first-ever African American. After completing her share of the beauty pageant world, Halle stepped into the Hollywood industry and her breakthrough movies are Boomerang [1992], Bulworth [1998], and more.

Halle Berry

For her appearance in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge [1999], Halle won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. Halle has also received the title of being the highest-paid actress in Hollywood during the 2000s. She has won many more accolades and made her name known in the industry.

5. Britney Spears

Though Britney Spears did not compete in any national or international beauty pageant, she was a part of a local beauty pageant. When Britney was 3-years-old⁠, she competed in a talent competition held in her home state of Louisiana. Spears has won a lot of other pageants during her childhood and to that she said, “I found out what I’m supposed to do at an early age.”

Our favorite singer is also known as the ‘Princess of Pop’ because of her remarkable songs. The singer has sold around 150 million records worldwide making her one of the world’s best-selling music artists. Obviously, she has also won many awards for her breathtaking performances. Her accolades include 15 Guinness world records. She has a charitable organization called The Britney Spears Foundation. She is always there to help people and children in need.

Britney Spears

6. Selena Gomez

Everyone’s beloved Selena Gomez competed in a pageant as a kid and actually won! Our famous pageant little girl made everyone proud with her cute smile. Selena also shared her photographs and from it, we can assume that she was a kid. The adorable kiddie model has always been a star.

In addition to being a wonderful singer, is also an actress, businesswoman, and producer. Selena started her career at a really young age. She has been featured in a children’s television show ‘Barney & Friends’. She’s a founder and chairwoman of the renowned beauty cosmetics brand ‘Rare Beauty’. Selena Gomez has been stealing the hearts of people from a really young age, right?

Selena Gomez

7. Lynda Carter

Everyone’s favorite Hollywood personality basically started her career in a beauty pageant. We have another Wonder Woman that has competed in a beauty pageant. She won the prestigious title of Miss World USA in 1972 as Miss Arizona. She also made it to the top 15 in the Miss World 1972 beauty pageant.

Lynda made a name for herself by competing in beauty pageants and playing the role of Wonder Woman in a series that premiered from 1975 to 1979. Apart from being a pageant queen, she is known for her commercial appearances in Maybelline and Lens Express. Carter has been awarded the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She has appeared in multiple movies and series.

Lynda Carter

8. Hannah Brown

The Bachelorette personality Hannah has won the title of Miss Alabama USA in 2018. Later, Hannah competed in Miss USA 2018. She also competed in Miss Alabama’s Outstanding Teen in 2010 and Miss Alabama Teen USA in 2011. After winning the Miss Alabama pageant, she revealed a dark side of this. Brown went months without eating carbs which led to anxiety and depression. The beauty pageant titleholder is also a model, television personality, and author.

Hannah also competed in season 28 of Dancing with the Stars with Alan Bersten and won. She also won a People’s Choice Award in the category ‘The Competition Contestant of 2019.’ Hannah has penned books titled ‘Bless This Mess: Learning to Live and Love Through Life’s Best (and Worst) Moment’ and ‘Mistakes We Never Made’.

Hannah Brown

9. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ career took a positive turn when she won the title of Miss India and Miss World in 2000. After working in the Bollywood industry, Priyanka took a step into the Hollywood world. She is one of India’s highest-paid actresses. She has won multiple accolades for her breathtaking performances in Bollywood movies.

The Government of India honored Priyanka Chopra with Padma Shri. She is often included in the list of Most Influential People In The World, Most Powerful Women, Most Beautiful Women in The World, and more by several magazines. She also has a charitable foundation for supporting underprivileged individuals and providing health and education. Chopra is also one of the most-followed Indian actors.

Priyanka Chopra

10. Matthew McConaughey

We have a pageant King! Matthew McConaughey has been crowned as a runner-up of Little. Mr Texas in 1977. He revealed this on social media and believes the reason for winning is his beloved mother Kay McConaughey. Though he placed second, Matthew always thought he won the title until he noticed ‘runner-up’ on his trophy. He is a wonderful actor and is known for his appearances in A Time to Kill [1996], The Wedding Planner [2001], and The Lincoln Lawyer [2011].

Apart from Hollywood, he is also into politics and philanthropy works. He started a foundation that is “dedicated to helping teenage kids lead active lives and make healthy choices to become great men and women.” Matthew has won an uncountable number of accolades and nominations for his extraordinary performances.

Matthew McConaughey

Final Words

Some of the celebrities who competed in the beauty pageants were really young. Still, their personality set the stage for fire. There are many more celebrities like this who became famous after winning beauty pageants. All of them proved that they were not only about beauty but intelligence, personality, and grace.

They are forever cherished for their appearances in the pageantry. Who is your go-to beauty pageant winner? Feel free to let us know in the comment box. We will keep coming up with more engaging content like this. For that, stay tuned!


1. What Is The Most Famous Beauty Pageant?

Miss Universe is one of the most famous and competitive beauty pageants in the world. This international pageant is handled by the Miss Universe Organization.

2. Was Britney Spears In Pageants?

Yes! You will be surprised to know that Britney Spears took part in a local pageant. Britney performed in a talent pageant when she was 3 years old.

3. Was Selena Gomez In Pageants?

Yes! Selena Gomez was a part of a kids pageant. She was an adorable kiddie model.

4. Is Aishwarya Rai Miss Universe?

Nope! Aishwarya Rai Bachchan won the title of Miss World in 1994 and not Miss Universe. She became one of the most famous celebrities in India.

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