10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners

Miss Universe is one of the most prestigious beauty pageants in the world. Women from all over the world come together to represent their country and compete for the noteworthy title. Miss Universe is a title that is given to an all-rounder. This title holds a special meaning. Winning Miss Universe is not only about beauty but intelligence. However, there are the most beautiful Miss Universe winners of all time.

According to us, every Miss Universe contestant and winner is beautiful in and out. But the audiences have their favorites! These winners have made a positive impact on the society and became the titleholder. From breathtaking smiles to spreading awareness on important discussions, the most beautiful Miss Universe winners have captured the hearts of millions.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners

The Miss Universe advocacy is ‘humanitarian issues and is a voice to affect positive change in the world.’ The most beautiful Miss Universe winners have lived up to it.

1. Pia Wurtzbach [2015]

Pia Wurtzback known for her breathtaking gown, confusion moment, and kind personality is Miss Universe 2015. She is a Filipina model and actress. Pia became the first Filipina woman to win the Miss Universe title in four decades. She is a hardworking woman from a really young age. Pia’s parents separated when she was 11 years old.

She started working and became the family’s main source of income. She fluently speaks English, Cebuano, and Tagalog. Pia wore beautiful outfits during her reign. When she was asking why she should be a Miss Universe, Pia talked about how being Miss Universe would be both an honour and a responsibility.

Pia Wurtzbach

Pia said she would use her voice to influence the youth and raise awareness about important topics like HIV. She wants to show the world that she is confidently beautiful with a heart. The main motto of the Miss Universe beauty pageant is ‘Confidently Beautiful’. It looks like Pia definitely proved that to the universe.

2. Natalie Glebova [2005]

Natalie is often known as a Canadian beauty Queen. She won the title of Miss Universe in 2005 with her beauty and confidence. Natalie’s breathtaking blue eyes and mesmerizing personality make her one of the most beautiful Miss Universe winners. She also managed to win Miss Universe Canada 2005.

You will be thrilled to know that Natalie used to be a motivational speaker for elementary and high school students before participating in beauty pageants. During the pageant, she stood out from her competitors. Natalie used to offer a traditional Thai greeting known as ‘Wai’. This won Natalie a lot of followers. In addition, Goebova lived up to the title and traveled around the world increasing awareness about HIV and AIDS. After her reign, she became a brand ambassador.

Natalie Glebova

3. Dayana Mendoza [2008]

Dayana is a beautiful Venezuelan actress, director, film producer, model, and Miss Universe winner. The beauty queen won the title of Miss Venezuela in 2007 and Miss Universe in 2008. Dayana made history and became the first pageant winner of Venezuelan since 1966. During her reign, she traveled and lectured on humanitarian issues. She also participated in The Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump.

Dayana Mendoza

4. Catriona Gray [2018]

Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018 from the Philippines is known for her beautiful features and kind personality. She is a talented singer, model, host, ambassador, and advocate. Catriona Gray is an Australian born-Filipina. Before winning Miss Universe, she was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2018 and Miss World Philippines 2016. During the time of her reign, Catorina spread awareness on important subjects.

She has always advocated women’s rights. Catriona used the international platform to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. Gray celebrated Filipino heritage and inspired people from all over the world. In addition to being one of the most beautiful Miss Universe, Catorina is known for her confidence and intelligence. According to the latest reports, Gray is engaged to a Filipino-American actor, Sam Milby.

Catriona Gray

5. Dayanara Torres [1993]

Dayanara won the Miss Universe title in 1993. She is a Puerto Rican actress, writer, and model. Torres also has the title of Miss International Puerto Rico 1992 and Miss Puerto Rico 1993. Dayanara’s mesmerizing blue eyes and confident personality make her stand out. She won the Miss Universe title at a really young age.

A lot of controversies took place because of her being a minor but she was 18. After winning the prestigious title, Dayanara went on to support people in need. She became the ambassador for UNICEF. She also came up with the Dayanara Torres Foundation which helps poor students in providing scholarships. Dayanara’s life changed after winning the beauty pageant and she became a celebrity in the Philippines. In 2008, Torres has made to the list of ‘Most Beautiful People.’

Dayanara Torres

6. Olivia Culpo [2012]

Olivia is an influencer, actress, model, and Miss Universe 2012 titleholder. Culpo’s smile and positive influence just add up to her personality. She already won the title of Miss Rhode Island USA and Miss USA in 2012. Olivia also became the first Rhode Islander to win the title of Miss Universe.

During her reign, Olivia visited multiple countries to spread awareness on important issues. Culpo also co-hosted Miss Universe 2022 and Miss Universe 2023. She became an internet sensation. She has significant followers on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Culpo is engaged to NFL player Christian McCaffrey.

Olivia Culpo

7. Stefanía Fernández [2009]

Stefanía is one of the most beautiful Miss Universe and is also a talented journalist. The Venezuelan model won Miss Venezuelan 2008 and Miss Universe 2009 title. In addition, she won a Guinness World Record for being the first ever Miss Universe to be crowned by a compatriot [Dayana Mendoza]. Currently, Ferńandez runs a beauty line called AMMATERRE. She also won multiple titles like Miss Elegance, Best Body, and Best Face. She is also the last teenager to win the crown to date.

Stefanía Fernández

8. Oxana Fedorova [2002]

Oxana Fedorova is not only one of the most beautiful Miss Universe winners but also a former police officer. She’s a beautiful and elegant Russian actress, host, singer, fashion designer, and model. Looks like Oxana has got all the skills covered. She has been crowned Miss Universe in 2002. Oxana’s green eyes and gutsy personality have captured the hearts of the audience.

She got into the world of pageants with the help of modeling. Oxana made history and became the first Russian woman to be crowned the Miss Universe title. This did not last for a long time. After reigning for 119 days, Oxana was dethroned and became the first Miss Universe to face that. The reason for being dethroned is still unknown. She then became the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Oxana Fedorova

9. Armi Kuusela [1952]

Armi Kuusela born in 1934 is a Finnish-American personality. She left a surprising impression on the Miss Universe audience and is still talked about. She is a charity worker and a model. You will be surprised to know that Armi Kuusela is actually the first winner of Miss Universe. This definitely makes her special.

She has even won a Finnish national beauty contest. The first-ever titleholder has blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair. Armi also became a Goodwill Ambassador for Finland. The first Miss Universe is the only woman that has been crowned with the Romanov Imperial Nuptial Crown. At that time, Armi starred in a Finnish movie ‘The Most Beautiful Girl in the World’.

Armi Kuusela

10. Sylvia Hitchcock [1967]

Sylvia is an American model. In addition to holding the title of Miss Universe in 1967, she has won Miss Alabama United States and Miss United States. Hitchcock appeared in the 1968 Indianapolis 500. After her reign, she became one of the judges in Miss Universe 1972. She is definitely one of the most natural and down-to-earth personalities. Sadly, Sylvia passed away at the age of 69-years-old due to cancer.

Sylvia Hitchcock


The Miss Universe beauty pageant is a celebration of women. Watching women from all over the world come together and represent their culture is a beautiful experience. The audiences have their own favorite Miss Universe winners. All of the winners hold a special place in the hearts of their followers. They have left a lasting impression on everyone and will continue to do so with their talent. Who do you think is the most beautiful Miss Universe winner? Feel free to let us know in the comment box below!


1. Is Catorina Gray The Best Miss Universe?

Catriona Gray from the Philippines won Miss Universe in 2018. She is a beauty with grace. During the time of the contest, Catorina Gray spread HIV/AIDS awareness. Catriona is one of the best Miss Universe of all time.

2. Who Is The Most Popular Miss Universe?

Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2019 is considered to be one of the most popular Miss Universe. She’s known for her ‘confusion’ moment in the beauty pageant.

3. Who Has The Most Successful Miss Universe Winners?

In the Miss Universe winners history, The United States has around 9 winners followed by Venezuela with 7 winners.

4. Who Is The Most Beautiful Miss World Ever?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is considered to be one of the most beautiful Miss World of all time. She won the title in 1994 and left a lasting impression on the global stage.

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