Eligibility, Rules, and General Information

Requirements for Miss Planet International

-Must be available during the pageant dates

-Must be able to travel to the pageant venue

-Must be unmarried (e.g., single) as of the start date of the pageant event. May not compete while pregnant. This applies to participation in any preliminary pageant (e.g., local, state, provincial, national) leading to the international pageant itself.

-Must be between 18-32 years of age.

Official Language

English is the official language of the Miss Planet International Pageants. It is not a requirement for delegates to speak perfect English.

National Pageant Preliminary

Preliminary pageant entrants must abide by all specific rules of her preliminary Pageant. Individual preliminary pageants may have some rules different than the international pageant. Only the winners must abide by the international pageant rules and regulations.

If selected as the winner in a preliminary pageant, contestants must abide by all rules and regulations of the international pageant in order to participate in Miss Planet International. This includes, but not limited to, rules, regulations, policies, preparation, rehearsal, performance and selection process of winners. Miss Planet International its officers, agents and employees are not liable to entrant for anything whatsoever in connection with the preliminary pageant.

Winners of preliminary pageants are not eligible to re-compete in the same division at the same preliminary pageant but may re-enter once their status changes such that they become eligible for a different division. Example winner of the Miss title may reenter once she is married and may compete for the Mrs. title.

Winners of preliminary pageants may re-enter the following year from
her win, into the international pageant as an “at-large” delegate, once they have fulfilled their obligations as specified by the rules and regulations of the preliminary pageant.

Participants of preliminary pageants who are not named as the winning international titleholder(s) may apply to become an “at-large” delegate following the conclusion of the preliminary pageant contract requirements.

“At-Large” Entry/Title Representation

“At-large” refers to the status of any delegate who enters the Miss Planet International Pageant directly at the international level without first winning a preliminary pageant. Entrants may apply directly to the international pageant as an “at-large” delegate under the following conditions:

* If no preliminary pageant is offered for which entrant qualifies
* If the preliminary pageant director has agreed to entrant’s participation as an “at-large” delegate due to special circumstances
* If entrant has fulfilled the preliminary pageant participation and did not emerge as the preliminary pageant winner
* Delegates compete equally at the international pageant regardless of status as a preliminary winner or “at-large” delegate and regardless of title representation.

Eligibility for receiving an “at-large “ country, regional, cultural title is determined by meeting at least one of the following criteria:

* At least 25% cultural/family heritage
* Current or prior residency in the country, region
* Current or prior employment in the country, region
* Current or prior student status in the country, region
* Current or prior property owner in the country, region
* Born in the country, region

Upon applying, “at-large” applicants are asked to rank order their top three title choices. “At-large” applicants are placed into “pending” status regarding title assignment.

“At-large” titles are assigned upon receipt of paperwork, photo(s) and payment in full of any possible fees (if fees are required). If two applicants apply for the same title, the title will be awarded to the first applicant who makes payment in full (if fees are applicable), regardless of when the initial applications were filed. The other applicants will be assigned another available title for which they qualify for, upon receipt of payment in full (if fees are applicable) or sent the notice of acceptance to the pageant.

Miss Planet International retains the right to reserve any title for any reason and to award titles in reserve status to “at-large” delegates based upon criteria established by Miss Planet International.

Entrant agrees to attend the Miss Planet International Pageant once confirmed as an “at-large” delegate and further to abide by all the required rules and regulations governing this pageant.

Miss Planet International retains the right to assign titles to at-large delegates at any time for upcoming Miss Planet International pageants (i.e., a 2020 “at-large” titleholder may be assigned during the 2019 calendar year.

Returning Delegates

Former winners of the titles Mrs. Planet International and Miss Planet International are not eligible to compete in the same division but may re-enter once their status changes such that they become eligible for a different division.

At large delegates may re-enter the international pageant from year to year.

Winners of preliminary pageants are not eligible to re-compete in the same division at the same preliminary pageant but may re-enter once their status changes such that they become eligible for a different division.

Winners of preliminary pageants may re-enter the international pageant as an “at-large” delegate in the same division for a different country from their preliminary title win.

Miss Planet International is open to the age range of 18-32 as of the date of pageant orientation. .


There are two ways to enter the Miss Planet International Pageant:

Preliminary Pageant
At this time there are no preliminary pageants. Check back after the next event.

“At-Large Entry”
If there are no preliminary pageants in your area, you may enter the international pageant directly. This is called “At-Large Entry”.

The remainder of this information applies to “At-Large Entries”. Preliminary Pageant entries will receive all the information they need from their preliminary pageant director.

You may fill out the online application at any time

Deadlines. All deadlines are strictly enforced.

Entry fees must be paid in full. No exceptions under any circumstances.

All required paperwork must be received.

Crown and sash photo for the Official Program Book must be received.


Yes, you may seek sponsors for your wardrobe and travel. All sponsors are recognized in the program book at no charge.

Prizes are constantly being added as new sponsors come on board. Check the Prizes and Awards page often for updates.

You will receive your crown and sash at orientation.

Entry includes:

Eligibility for all prizes & awards

Competition sash

Official documents

Cover letter & Press Release

All meals

All Hotel (a roommate will be assigned)

Pageant Program Book

Gifts from sponsors

Travel inside the host country and trips during the scheduled event

Participation does not include:

Travel expenses for flight and taxi from airport to the host hotel.

Personal expenses for souvenirs and extra shopping not included.

Evening Gown. Contestants must carry themselves with dignity, grace, poise and elegance. Judges will not be evaluating the cost or designer label of the gown, but rather how well it suits the delegate (e.g., fit, color, style) as well as delegate’s on-stage presentation. Must be floor length

Swimsuit. Contestants must exemplify a lifestyle of good physical health. Winners should be physically fit, with good muscle tone and body proportion. Miss Planet International titleholders must carry themselves with confidence and grace

Delegates must also bring a matching fabric scarf to model with swimsuit. May be made of any fabric but chiffon or organza are recommended. The scarf / sarong should be approximately 3′ wide 5′-6′ in length. Very short or small sarongs (the kind the tie at the waist) are not recommended. If you have trouble finding a scarf / sarong, a quick trip to the local fabric store for a piece of organza or chiffon will do the trick nicely!

Fashion or International Wear. Contestants must be able to project their own personal sense of style. This segment will be conducted very much like a runway fashion show. Fashion attire can be anything the delegate feels represents a currently popular or stylish ensemble. Judges will be looking for high energy, spirit, and the delegate’s sense of contemporary style for today’s woman. Judges are not looking for a specific style or designer label but rather how well the attire suits the delegate (e.g., fit, color, style) as well as delegate’s on-stage presentation.

Interview with judges. Judging criteria: personality, intelligence, knowledge of oneself, energy, volunteer commitment, overall beauty, grooming and fashion sense.

Daily attire (not scored). The daily attire is a way to keep the group uniformed by wearing a specific color or style outfit each day to match the other contestants. For example, one day might be a pink top and white shorts, the next day is a flower dress. We try to keep it simple and not forcing contestants to spend a lot of money on daily attire as that is not scored.

No. Ad sales are not required and have no bearing on the outcome of the pageant.

The official Miss Planet International candiates receive a competition sash.

The winners receive a crown and sash.

Yes. Entrant affirms that she is and will continue to be a person of good moral character and have not done anything that would shame her or the Miss Planet International Pageant, its representatives, sponsors and/or licensees.

Entrant must not have appeared nude in photographs or for any film or publication prior to, or during the time of any preliminary event or the international pageant finals. Some exceptions may apply on a case-by-case basis. Please email the pageant office if you have
specific concerns.

Delegate will conduct herself in a courteous, professional manner at all times during the Miss Planet International and while representing the Miss Planet International title and any Miss Planet International country title.

Delegate will not slander other contestants, judges, pageant staff or anyone else involved with or connected to the pageant. Defamatory verbal and/or written remarks, including all forms of social media, against Miss Planet International or any of the country titles, will result in immediate disqualification. Any disqualification will result in a forfeiture of any and all prizes and awards won and may result in possible legal charges.

Any delegate found publicly posting slanderous remarks on public forums and social media will be immediately disqualified.

Good sportsmanship is expected at all times. Disruptive behavior before, during, or after the pageant may result in disqualification, removal from the premises, and legal charges.

All delegate must agrees to sign a contract agreement. Delegates must abide by all rules and regulations signed in the contract.

All delegates are expected to be on time for all scheduled rehearsals and events leading up to and during the pageant finals. Delegates may will lose 1 point for each unexcused missed event. In the event of illness, a delegate may be excused from attending an event. Any absences from required events must be cleared by the Planet International staff in charge of contestants.

If selected to compete, entrants must submit a non-copyrighted photo
along with a completed contract to Miss Planet International for
publicity and website use.

Attire: Delegates provide their own competition and opening number
attire. Daily wardrobe requirements information will be sent only to
official delegates and may change from year to year.

Travel: Delegates must make their own travel arrangements. Miss
Planet International is not responsible for arranging international
travel or intervening or and resolving any disputes involving travel
with airlines. Miss Planet International will provide entrants with a
statement of acceptance into the pageant that verifies delegate status
when attaining necessary travel documents (visas and passports).

Hotel: Delegates are required to stay at the hotel of residency of
the Miss Planet International Pageant to be financially covered by the
pageant. All contestants will have a roommate of another contestant
in the pageant. Any visiting family or friends must pay their own
hotel fees.

If selected as a Miss Planet International, winner agrees to sign a contract agreement to arrange and make a minimum of appearances throughout her year’s reign. Appearances may include but are not limited to parades; radio, television and newspaper interviews; and public appearances at events. Winners are expected to provide Planet International with photos of appearances for the Planet International website, social media and promotion. If delegate is unwilling to sign the contract and/or unable or unwilling to fulfill the obligations, the title won and all prizes will be awarded to the first runner up.

The reign of Miss Planet International will commence immediately after crowning and will end immediately following the crowning of their successor.

Planet International titleholders agree to make weekly contact with Planet International staff by phone, text or e-mail.

Miss Planet International titleholders agree that they will not enter any other pageant or compete for any other titles during their year’s reign. Winners are expected to give their time and energy to this title and this title only during their year’s reign.

Winners may still have a modeling, acting jobs during her reign with an acting or modeling agency. Any use of the Miss Pageant International images must have prior authorization or permit the use images by the pageant office. This includes the use of any logos or trademarks.

Miss Planet International winners agree to attend the next year’s pageant to crown their successors. All travel, lodging and food expenses to be paid by Planet International Pageant.

If delegate is disqualified or relinquishes, for any reason, any title awarded to her, all prizes must be returned in full, and in condition received. If, for any reason, any of the international winners resign or is disqualified, the 1st runner-up will assume the title and all prizes.

If you have a question that is not addressed on this page, please feel free to use the form under the Contact Us page to send us a message.